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Early morning, next day, door to door delivery

FedEx Direct Distribution

The FedEx shipping company is the world’s leading express transportation company. Founded in 1973, the company currently employs in excess of 140 000 workers and serves all major trade routes worldwide.

FedEx originally made its mark by being the first company to offer overnight delivery to destinations within the USA, complete with a money back guarantee. Today it is estimated that FedEx delivers in excess of three million packages daily. The company operates in over 200 countries and has headquarters in regions all over the world including Asia, Europe, Canada, and Latin America.

The FedEx aircraft fleet consists of 638 aircraft serving in excess of 350 airports worldwide. FedEx undertakes to customs-clear all international deliveries of documents and freight the moment they arrive at their destination airport. FedEx prides itself on the fact that its services are both time and cost effective.

Among its most widely utilized services are the FedEx Europe and International First services which promise early morning, next day, door to door delivery to destinations in the USA and Europe.

Priority and Express services include door to door express time delivery to 214 countries worldwide, usually within one to three days. For larger shipments, airport to airport cargo services are available including FedEx Direct Distribution, FedEx International Priority Freight and FedEx International Express Freight. Additional services offered by the company include the expedition of critical shipments, a customs brokerage service for more complex customs requirements and a supply chain service.

For all services, packaging is free and in some cases customers will also receive free FedEx shipping software. Customers can track the progress of their shipment from airport to destination by logging onto the FedEx website and entering their unique tracking numbers.

For more information on FedEx and the services they provide, visit the FedEx website; where you’ll find an online calculator to compute rates and costs.




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