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International Express Service, Danzas Air and Ocean

DHL Danzas Air and Ocean

DHL shipping was set up in the United States in 1969 to specialize in the express shipping of documents from San Francisco to Honolulu in Hawaii. The original thinking and reliability of the company led to its rapid expansion, and today DHL international shipping serves over four million customers worldwide.

DHL offers extensive tracking services that enable you to track the progress of your shipment from door to door. Some of the tracking options to choose from include reference tracking, e-mail tracking, text message tracking, phone tracking and WAP tracking.

DHL shipping’s most significant expansion occurred in 2003 when it merged with two other shipping companies, Danzas and Deutsche Post. The result of the merger was a consolidated company specializing in logistic solutions, parcel and document delivery and express services. The company currently operates in over 220 regions including the Far East, Eastern Europe and China.

The services offered by DHL fall into five different categories, each being headed up by a different division within the company. DHL Express specializes in the same day and express delivery of parcels and freight to over 120, 000 destinations world wide, while DHL freight are dedicated to shipping non-document and parcel deliveries both within the United States and internationally.

DHL Danzas Air and Ocean offer extensive logistics solutions for the shipping of large cargo by air or sea to global destinations. DHL Solutions specialize in logistics solutions specifically geared towards industry sectors such as Automotive and Electronics. Finally, DHL Global Mail is dedicated to the delivery of mail internationally as well as publication and direct marketing solutions.

For more information on DHL shipping and the services that they offer, log onto the DHL website.




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