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China Shipping Container Lines (

China Shipping Container Lines

The China Shipping (Group) Company (CSG) was founded in Shanghai China in 1997. CSG is the parent company of two smaller companies operating in North America, China Shipping (North America) Holding Co., Ltd (“CSNA Holding”) and China Shipping (North America) Agency, Inc (“CSNA Agency”).

Between them, CSNA Holding and CSNA Agency are responsible for pursuing the business interests of the China Shipping Company in North America. Both companies specialize in areas relating to international freight transportation. Specific functions performed by the two companies include business planning and development, e-commerce online development, equipment control, sales, documentation and container line booking.

The offices of the CSNA companies are scattered throughout the United States. From these offices freight transportation services are arranged to destinations around the world. CSNA makes use of the services of China Shipping Container Lines (CSCL), the actual transportation branch of the company. Services offered by CSCL include the storage, shipment and delivery of freight as well as customs clearance, documentation, and container tracking services.

China Shipping Container Lines owns in excess of 400 vessels that include specialized cargo ships, oil tankers and large container vessels. These vessels transport large quantities freight both domestically and internationally. A large percentage of CSNA deliveries are to ports in China, where the company has its own container lorry company and international cargo agency. Ships transport freight to more than 12 Chinese ports as well as ports on the Pearl and Yangtze rivers. Other routes covered by the company include those to Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Australia, Europe and the Mediterranean regions.

On the Chinese side, the China Shipping Agency (CSG) serves the majority of Chinese river and sea ports and specializes in services such as cargo unloading and forwarding, freight collection, customs clearance and warehousing. CSG also offer passenger services to and from China and other eastern regions.

For more information on the China Shipping Company and a comprehensive list of the services the company offers, log onto their corporate website.



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