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Security is an issue that is on everyone's mind these days, but you don't necessarily want to be thinking about it 24/7 or spending weeks installing a complicated security camera system.

This is where a wireless security camera is useful because you don't need to run miles of wire around your house or office: you merely have to set up the cameras wherever you want them, without worrying about wires.

If you are worried about the system being too conspicuous, especially at home where you don't necessarily want to be living in Fort Knox, you can get wireless security cameras that are hidden in a book so that you can place it anywhere and, as the cameras run on AA batteries, you don't have to bother with wires. The cameras then transmit pictures to the receiver, which can be placed up to 200 meters away. This way you can discreetly keep an eye on babysitters, employees or house sitters.

There are also wireless security cameras that screw into any light bulb socket and then send the images to your viewing equipment. This type of camera not only cuts out the cables from the installation of your security camera, but means you don't have to do any drilling either.

You can buy black and white or color wireless security cameras with high-resolution capabilities so that you get good quality pictures on your monitor. There are different types of receiver available to go with the wireless cameras. One is a receiver that plugs into a TV for direct viewing or a VCR if you want to record it. Another type of receiver is a dual monitor and receiver that can view the pictures immediately and output to a VCR for simultaneous recording.

When you buy a wireless security camera, make sure it has the following components: camera, power supply to camera, transmitter, receiver and power supply to receiver. The transmitter is the part connected to the camera and the receiver will be connected to your TV or VCR, or even PC. You can convert wired cameras into wireless cameras by plugging a transmitter into the camera, using a power supply (like AA batteries, for example) to power both transmitter and camera, and getting a receiver for the output (TV/VCR/PC).



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