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Outdoor security cameras

Although for very large buildings having a combination of indoor and outdoor security cameras may be necessary, particularly for keeping an eye on employees at work for example, it is usually the outdoor cameras that are the most important as they are the ones that keep intruders out. The golden rule is that prevention is better than cure, so it is a good idea to put some cameras outside and deter potential intruders from trying to get in rather than trying to catch them once they have entered the building.

Often, security cameras can be used either indoors or outdoors. The weatherproof housing on an outdoor security camera will not prevent indoor usage, but you probably should resist using an indoor camera outside as you risk losing the guarantee. You have to be careful with outdoor security cameras because a mixture of electricity and rain water would be a disastrous combination. Be sure to invest in certified outdoor cameras, ones that have weatherproof housing that will prevent the camera being damaged by adverse weather conditions. There are some highly sophisticated outdoor cameras available, including ones that have thermostatic controls. This enables the camera to be heated or cooled to prevent condensation, and then heavy duty housing protects the camera from rain and wind. Usually, specific outdoor cameras are designed to work in the dark, which is particularly useful if you want to find out whether the noise you can hear outside is a cat or a prowler.

How many outdoor security cameras will I need?

Well, this obviously depends on the size of the premises you wish to survey. Security camera systems usually have multiples of four cameras, so for a simple home security camera system you could put one on the drive, one covering the front door, one at the side of the house and one in the back yard. As the cameras have very wide angle lenses they can each cover quite a lot of ground so you don't need hundreds of them, but you will need enough to cover all the main approaches or entry points to the property as these are the areas that need protection.




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