Internet Security Cameras

The Wireless Home Option - Keeping a watchful eye while you are away

Internet security cameras

An internet security camera is a great invention because it enables you to keep track of what is going on at your home or office from anywhere in the world. You simply hook up the cameras at home, for example, connect them to an Ethernet or wireless broadband network connection, and then using your web browser you can access the sounds and images from the cameras from around the world.

What better way to get peace of mind when you are halfway across the globe on business or on holiday? Internet security cameras are also handy if you want to keep track on the baby sitter while you are out at work, you don’t need to be a million miles away to benefit from this kind of security camera system.

There are many types of internet security camera available and they all have variable features. Some of the more common features to keep an eye out for are built in microphones so that you can monitor and record sound as well as pictures; built in motion detectors which can also trigger the record function so that you only record when something is happening; built in motion detectors that send you email notification when something is happening; CCD sensors so that images are captured in life-like color; tilt, panning and zooming functions that are controllable remotely (wireless!) so you can zoom in to see close-ups; TV and VCR connections so that you can record the action. You can record the images straight onto your hard drive, and monitor as many as sixteen cameras on one screen.

Internet security cameras are as easy to install as other cameras. There are also services available that allow you to access the cameras through a domain straight to the camera images, without needing to remember the IP address every time you are traveling abroad.






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