Home Security Cameras

What options are open to you - Wirless, PC Cameras?

Home security cameras

A home security camera system will help to protect your home and family from outsiders and give you the peace of mind you need in today's world. If you ever want to see who's knocking at the front door before you open it, just hook up a camera near the door and then you can check it from the den.

You'll be able to see if there are any prowlers in the back yard without leaving the study. If an unknown car pulls up on the driveway, you can take a look at it quietly on the monitor in the kitchen, without having to peer out of the window, thus letting the stranger know that you are inside.

But a home security camera isn't just for intruders: it can also be a useful tool when keeping an eye on your kids. Is the baby still asleep upstairs? Are the kids playing safely by the pool? Are the kids still in the back yard where it's safe? Instead of pestering the kids to make sure they are looking after their own safety, you can just keep a watchful eye over them from a distance, thus giving them the freedom they seek to play with their friends.

You can even hook up a remote PC (say at the office, for example) and check out what's going on at home via the internet. The computer doesn't have to be online all the time either: you can set it up so that when you dial in, the home computer connects to the net.

It's very easy to set up a home security camera and anyone with a bit of interest in DIY can put it together in about five minutes. You can buy the kits ready made, which saves you a lot of time in planning, and then all you have to do is decide where to put the cameras and where to keep the monitor. The cameras can be mounted directly on the walls or on tripods. You can even get wireless cameras, which are ideal for home use as you don't need to run wires everywhere.

Before you go out and buy a 16-camera system, think about how much security is enough for your home. Buying a kit that is flexible and expandable is quite a good idea as then you can move the cameras around as you get to know where they will be most useful, and you can add to the kit when you need to. A non-expandable kit may be cheaper, but you'll have to be sure of exactly what you need before you buy.



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