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Hidden security cameras

It only takes a bit of common sense to realize that some form of home security cameras are not only a deterrent to most prospective thieves but they also enable you to identify those who are not put off by its presence. However, the general awareness of cameras has increased, and this has not been missed by those in the breaking-and-entry profession.

Its not uncommon for a thief to come armed with a hammer and for a normal surveillance camera to be spotted and smashed within seconds of the intruder entering the property. However, though a thief might be on the look out for standard camera, few will notice a hidden security camera, cunningly located in a smoke alarm, picture frame or even a plant.

The most common style of casing for a hidden security camera is a ‘dummy’ smoke alarm. As these are a typical feature of any home or office, a thief is not likely to take much notice of it. So whilst he is happily filling his grab-bag, your tiny hidden security cameras will be catching live footage of the unsuspecting intruder. Though ‘dummy’ smoke alarms are the most popular form, there are many different types available to suit every budget and décor. You would be hard pushed to spot a security camera hidden inside a book cover amongst a bookcase filled with novels. Similarly, a tie hanging on the back of a chair may look innocent enough but still could easily contain a miniature security camera.

An ultra-discreet, hidden security camera is an excellent way of checking up on what your teenage children get up to when you are not at home. They can also prove their worth in monitoring your child’s baby-sitter or nanny. Parents rarely know for sure how their child is being cared for and would not necessarily know if something was up. With hidden security cameras becoming cheaper and more easily accessible, those worried about mistreatment can monitor what is going on. It’s easy to install a camera inside a clock, a tissue box or even the child’s favorite teddy to identify abuse.





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