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Fake security cameras

Fake security cameras are an excellent way of deterring thieves, vandals and intruders from breaking and entering or damaging your home. They are easy to install, both inside and outside the property, and come in all the same shapes and sizes of real security cameras. If you combine the installation of a fake security camera with a few warning stickers in the window of your property to bring attention to the camera, you will be providing yourself with a neat little security system at little expense.

Fake cameras do not require you to replace the batteries as real cameras do (unless you get ones that have a flashing red light), thus saving yourself the expense of powering the cameras. Neither will you need to think about what kind of output you need for the camera system to work. Your VCR and television will remain purely for recreational use only.

Basically, a fake home security camera consists of the housing for a real camera, but without the active camera included. They thus look exactly like a real security camera, and an intruder will not be able to tell the difference. Popular models include the blacked-out dome cameras that are both easy to install and modern-looking, and have the added advantage of making it impossible to see whether a camera is inside or not. As a result, even if the intruder suspects the cameras are dummies, he will not be able to know for sure.

Especially clever are those fake cameras that give the appearance of being 'on', in other words, they look like they are in recording mode by having a flashing red light to indicate that they are functioning. This option will probably require you to invest in some batteries or other power source for the cameras, but it lends a certain authenticity to your fake security camera.

If you really want to bring attention to the fact that your property is under surveillance, why not get a couple of signs saying that security cameras are installed on the premises? There is a whole market for fake security systems out there, even down to the sensors that check for stolen goods when leaving a shop (perhaps a little too much for a home security system though!).




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