Digital Security Cameras and Recorders

Benefits of digital system technology

Digital security cameras

Digital security cameras are ostensibly the future of security camera systems: just look at the system in place for the 2004 Olympic Games and you will see how advanced the technology is that ran that operation. Instead of humans patrolling the streets, thousands of digital security cameras did the job for them.

These days you see people switching from traditional VCRs to digital video recorders (DVRs), also marking a change in the way we record information.

Digital cameras have come a long way in the last ten years, and now the clarity you get on some of the best digital apparatus is comparable to what you get using top quality photographic film. There are also other benefits to digital technology, such as being able to review and edit your photographs as you take them, rather than having to wait until the prints come back from the lab.

These developments also apply to security camera systems. With DVRs and digital cameras working together, you get a system that records high quality images and sound in more effective and accessible formats. You can record straight onto a hard drive, like on a computer, so you don’t need lots of extra bits to make the system work. Cameras can plug straight into the DVR, meaning that you can use multiples of four cameras simultaneously, seeing images from all the cameras at once without needing quads or multiplexors. You can also record whilst reviewing old images, so that you don’t miss anything.

Using digital security cameras rather than analogue cameras means you get better picture quality and the ability to save images as compressed files, saving huge amounts of space. No need for a room full of tape when you can just have a microchip.





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