Security Cameras - The Home System Edition

Learn about multiplexers, quad splitters and more

Security cameras

If you are looking to protect your home, office or other property, you may be thinking of investing in a security camera system to help you. Some districts have even installed them in every school classroom as a precautionary measure.

A security camera is a great way of giving you that much-needed peace of mind without too much effort - you simply hook up the camera to your VCR, TV or even computer system and then you're ready to go.

You may only need a one- or two-camera system, but any number of cameras is possible, it just depends how much space you need to cover. Obviously, the more cameras you have, the more sophisticated a system you will need to get maximum value from the cameras.

When you buy a complete security camera system you will get a monitor (either black and white or color), cameras, cabling and mounts. You will need to invest in a VCR/ DVD Recorder if you want to record the images. You can connect the security camera direct to your TV via a modulator, which will then allow you to switch channel and see exactly what the camera sees. Things like multiplexers allow simultaneous recording, playback and live viewing. A Quad splitter connects four cameras up to the same monitor through one cable link and splits the screen so that you can see images from all four cameras at once. If you use four quad splitters with a quad monitor, you can see 16 cameras at once!

It is also possible to link your security camera system up with other alarm systems to provide an all-round surveillance and security scheme.

When buying a security camera system you can buy the whole system in a package where the thinking has been done for you - you simply choose which system suits your needs best - or you can put the system together yourself and tailor it to your exact requirements.

This website aims to outline the differences between home, business, wireless, video, hidden and digital security cameras in order for you to make an informed decision about which camera system is suitable for you.


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