Wall Mounted Home Safes

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Wall mounted home safes

Wall Safes have specifically been designed to be mounted in the wall and provide sufficient protection for valuables and are an ideal form of security.

The advantage of a wall safe or a floor safe is that it does not take up any valuable space, which is very practical for small houses and offices.


Like floor safes, wall safes are meant to be mounted into an existing construction to ensure that it is safely installed for ultimate protection of your important documents. You don't want a burglar to just walk out of your home with your safe. No burglar is wanted in the first place but a safe also adds piece of mind.

Wall safes are also designed to be easily installed and have a good welded body construction for special security. Therefore, they offer a perfect burglary protection as they are protected by a heavy steel door and an internal locking system. They are very often used in combination with floor safes for overnight storage of jewelry, cash or important documents.

Practical Info

Ask yourself first: is my wall suitable to hold a safe? An experienced burglar knows only too well how to dismantle a safe out of a wall to then carry it home to break into it. A strong wall is a priority before installing a safe. On average wall safes have about 50 cubic feet storage space and interchangeable shelves for idealized storage options. A digital locking system should deter a burglar as this is one of the most secure locking mechanisms. In addition, an override system is also accessible by using a key to make the contents available again if the locking system fails.

Where to buy them and the approximate price:

Online retailers such as www.amsecusa.com and Sentry Safes offer a good range of wall safes.

A wall safe should provide enough storage space, should be fireproof and have a good locking system, which makes them more expensive than some floor safes and could start at about $400. The price also depends on the model, size and quality and the type of fire protection.



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