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Often referred to simply as Sentry safes, Sentry Group is one of the oldest safe manufacturers around and has a good reputation as the world's leading manufacturer for safes for home and business use as well as gun storage by supplying fire-resistant chests, safes, security storage containers and gun safes.

At first the business was named the Brush-Punnett Company after its original founders, and was renamed to Sentry Group in 1988 while still remaining a family business.

Back in the 1930s the business started as a small storage container manufacturer shop and then grew rapidly through revolutionary engineering within the production of safes. Sentry Group has a great tradition in providing quality products, good price offers and customer service since the early beginnings of the company.

Sentry fire safes consist of great product performance technology for basic document protection as well as for essential commercial documents supplying safes for small and big businesses as Sentry Group designs a wide variety of safe models to a very high standard. Each model has unique functions and, therefore, choice is given to each individual buyer in order to purchase the right product to protect any valuables against damage from either water or fire. As a general guideline, prices can vary from anything as low as $10 for a safebox and up to approximately $2,000 for a fire proof gun safe.

Product Overview: Gun Safes and Fire Proof Safes

Sentry Group products range from very small storage containers such as safeboxes to large-sized gun safes. For home use Safeboxes are a practical way of storing documents such as passports or certificates; Keyboxes will keep all your keys in one secure place; Fileboxes are an ideal way to lock away important travel documents, diplomas, or any other papers in A4 format which should be kept safe and organized.

If a further security level is required such as fire protection, special fireproof chests, files and safes are the ideal solution for secure protection and storage for wills, certificates, passports etc. These can be equally used for home and the office but may require more space.

For very valuable items Sentry Group offers safes with a solid construction out of hardened steel for the best protection. They also include fire-protection and great interior options for perfect organization. Multiple shelves in the form of their Executive Safes are a perfect solution for any business.

Their range of heavyweight safes, including gun safes, offers the best solutions for big offices for perfect theft prevention, storage and locking options. All safes are also UL tested and are labeled accordingly.

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