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Mosler Safes, known from the Mosler Safe Company, are famous for the largest safes and vaults ever built. The Mosler Company was founded in 1890 by the Mosler Brothers in Hamilton , Ohio. The business grew so rapidly that a second factory had to be built outside of town where they were able to expand without having to relocate again. Some of the best engineers were brought together and settled down in houses near the factory and quickly became well respected in the community.

The name Mosler was very well recognized all over the U.S. as well as the world as representatives introduced the products of the company. This happened mostly during the First World War as America's industrial revolution began to bloom and with the growth of the town so did the company. One of its most prominent achievements it will be known for are the vaults which were built for Fort Knox in Kentucky which was a gold reserve once where special secure safes were needed.

There are not that many Mosler Safes available anymore, however, it is possible to find them in a few specialized shops as well as over the internet. They still have a high value and have become collectables. The internet is possibly the easiest place to look for them in order to get an idea for the price as well. They can vary hugely - depending on the type as well obviously - from $10 for a Mosler Junior Metal Combination toy over ebay up to over $10,000 for a free standing safe from a specialist or collector.

The most common Mosler Safes are burglary safe types, however fireproof home safes are also available occasionally. They are all UL tested but as they are used they have had one or even more owners. Make sure to either only buy from a professional dealer or to get a professional to check and value the safe if you are buying it from a random owner.

Have fun and good luck in finding your favorite antique Mosler safe!





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