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The origin of safes goes back a long way. Many safe manufacturers also have a long established history and started by selling security boxes and safes in very small shops and factories. One of the oldest companies around is the Mosler Safe Company which dates back to the 19 th century and has greatly influenced the safe industry and the way safes, vaults and locks are being built today.

Buying a safe can make you relax about the security of important documents and valuables and it is therefore important to know what your needs are as exactly as possible in order to make a confident choice. Many home safe manufacturers also offer a custom made service which is useful for specific storage requirements.

Here are some useful hints to keep in mind when buying a home safe:

Protection: A good safe can cost a lot of money but with the right research it is easy to find a safe which suits your needs perfectly without spending too much. Ask yourself what kind of protection is needed: a burglary safe or fireproof safe or both. The most common choice is a burglary safe as a break in is rated the bigger risk.

Type: There is a difference between burglary and fireproof safes. Common mistakes include that fireproof safes will protect you from burglary which they won't. It is therefore important to understand which type is suitable for you at an affordable price.

Size: Make sure that the safe you are trying to buy will fit into the space you have in your home or office. Writing down what you want to store in a safe can help to identify the size and storage space needed.

Interior: The next step is to consider which type of interior can be useful. There are specific options such as multiple compartments, filing drawers, interchangeable shelves and racks. Your decision of an interior design choice interlinks with your pick of the safe size and type.

Access: An important point to consider is the way you access the safe. Floor safes for example seem a great idea as they can be installed and hidden very easily; however, they are less easy to be accessed. Wall safes can be hidden inside a cupboard - if small enough - but are more open to fire. An alternative solution would be a chest which can then be bolted to the floor. In order to get a perfect deal ensure that you have a good way of accessing the safe as well as the most ideal solution in hiding it.

About the Manufacturer: It might be useful sometimes to find out a few facts about a specific brand or manufacturer. It is easy sometimes to come across some dealers and manufacturers who have limited knowledge of ratings or particular security information which then makes is more difficult to purchase the right product for your money.

Service after the sale service: Make sure you are aware of your dealer's customer service and contact details. Always ask how they will be able to help if you might have a problem after the purchase has been made.


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