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Liberty Safe's strong aspects are high quality, modern, well-designed and purposeful storage products which include fire protection and advanced security technology. Its popular products are Liberty , National Security and Centurion which are sold online and through service dealers and retail outlets. A good aspect is that all products come with a warranty which guarantees for the product.

One of their specialized brands is The National Security, which was bought by Liberty Safes in 1997 when it was among the top five manufacturers in the industry. National Security is an exceptionally first-class line for special hinge safes. Profitability was rising when Liberty was under Linsalata's ownership but was then sold to National City Capital Corporation, Ohio , in 1999. As a result Liberty was able to implement an important project to improve the quality of all its products even further as well as to increase company growth.

Fire Proof and Harley Davidson Models

To guarantee quality and excellence all Safes manufactured and distributed by Liberty Safes have been tested by the Underwriters Laboratories and carry the applicable listing and are fire protection certified by Omega Point Laboratories.

One of their additional aspects are vault doors which come in three different colors, fire protection and a special relocking system which makes the door resistant against drilling and pounding.

Their specialized depository safes come with a unique two locking technique plus a secured lower compartment for extra security and storage. Another special range is Liberty 's collection of exquisite Harley-Davidson safes which are significant in design and exceptional fire protection quality and therefore fall into a different price category.

In Liberty Safes range of accessories, smaller products can be found such as pistol racks, interior lights and special electric locks.

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