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To keep your collection of valuable gold and silver jewelry safe it is advisable to keep it locked and well hidden. Nice jewelry is very precious and especially if it has been given to you as a present the sentimental value grows.


Jewelers may use much more high security cabinets and safes, possibly even vaults. At home you might only want to use a depository box or a wall safe. If you just want to play with the idea of hiding your collection of rings then a hidden safe can be a much simpler and cheaper alternative.

Practical Info

If you are a jeweler a lot of manufacturers offer the TL-30x6 which is the highest burglary rated safe. It has thick layers of steel, high-density concrete, aluminum, and are always tested by the Underwriters Laboratories.

These safes provide ideal storage for jewelry and valuables and are mostly placed in jewelry stores, and cheque-cashing retail companies. Special features include high quality mechanical engineering and an additional chest built inside which therefore creates a secure storage solution.

A safe of this type always consists of relocking devices and locking bolts to keep the safe burglary resistant. As with any other home safe fire protection is optional and would result in adjusting the safe construction and would also increase the price. Even though your valuables might be safely locked away it is also advisable to make a list of the contents and to take out additional insurance.

Price Range

Small deposit boxes and hidden safes can be purchased at very affordable prices under $100 or even under $50. The much larger and deluxe versions can be cost more than $1,000 depending on features and individual needs.



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