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What you should consider

Gun safes

Gun Safes fall under a very special category in the range of safes and generate a lucrative business. Shooting is a respected hobby in many countries but guns are also used for professional purposes within the army and the police for example. They range from compact boxes for smaller hand guns to vaults and full-sized floor standing safes for rifles with a huge capacity storeroom including shelves. Gun safes are used for highest protection and should always be located in a room which can be locked to enhance security.

“Nearly 75% of the guns used in childhood and teenage suicide attempts, and accidental shootings are located in the home.”

Fireproof Safe and Locks

What type of security do you need and who are you protecting your guns from? Extra precautions have to be taken when guns are not in use and have to be kept safe and always away from children! Guns should be protected at all times and good locking systems as well as high quality coated and insulated steel doors to withstand fire and burglary attacks should be considered.

"A gun stored in the home is more likely to kill a family than a attacker or intruder.”

It is common and also advisable to purchase a safe with a relocking device which blocks the entire locking system in case the safe gets physically attacked. The only downside is that a professional has to be called in to”unblock” your door if it has been attacked.

Another way of protecting a safe is to build in an extra connection into the door handle which means that only limited amount of force can be used to break into the locking mechanism. The most important aspect of a safe - and especially gun safes - is the lock. It should be a good quality one and each number of the combination should be different to the previous one.

Never store a loaded weapon and always ensure the safety is on. Trigger locks are available to ensure firearms cannot be fired.

Price Range

The price for a small gun safe starts approximately at about $100 and goes up to $2,000 -$5,000 if you are interested in getting a floor standing deluxe version. It is up to you what kind of protection you want and can afford.


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