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Cannon Safes offers a good range of home security safes. Any of their deals include life time warranties to be protected at the event of a break-in or fire etc. In addition good customer service is provided and service technicians are being sent out if there are any problems with the product you have bought.

Cannon Safes also has designed the largest safe model on the market which is a wood safe and has been painted by hand. The two extraordinary safes are called T65 and T27; they are not only supposed to store your documents at highest security level but they can also add to a special look to your office or room with their striking design.

Product Overview

As a pioneer of new production methods and design, Cannon safes only construct safes to the highest standards and security. Two finishes have been developed over the years of which one is an antique looking matt finish. The other is a very glossy finish, strong paint for long protection as well as a perfect look. In order to provide a good range to a wide market audience, different colors have been designed to complement a mixture of homes and office environments.

The interiors of the safes have been designed to protect against any marks and the dynamic design is suitable for a lot of different items such as jewelry, documents, even gun racks. All shelves are adaptable and flexible to provide the space you need.

In terms of material, Cannon Safes have developed a special plate made out of three layers which provides very good protection. Well engineered hard plates provide an excellent solution for a safe locking mechanism for a faultless working lock as well as against any unwanted vandalism and break-ins.

Cannon safes also have a good reputation of expertise when it comes to external hinges which are hidden in order to foil potential thieves trying to remove the door of the safe. Double steel doors also add to the ultimate security just as the lock, which are standard in electronic or mechanical format.

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