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Brinks Safes are being represented by the Venture Marketing Group LLC and is based in Grandville Michigan. Brink Safes main selling point seems to be the internet as their website gives a basic but efficient overview of their product range and therefore makes it easy for the use to buy online.

Brinks Safes specializes in home safes which are designed and built for the most secure protection of any valuable items from papers to jewelry as well as bigger objects. All their products are fireproof and have been tested intensively in order to offer different models which are being able to sustain flames up to 1700 Fahrenheit from thirty minutes to two hours.

Product Overview, including fire proof safes

Just like other safe manufacturers Brink Safes offers a range of products, starting from Security Boxes for Cash, smaller documents and keys up to more specialized fire safes, depository safes and executive safes for the use in both home and office. Their range also includes electronic paper shredders which is useful to know as some documents need to be destroyed in a professional way rather than kept for too long.

In order to make the safes fireproof, all stock is produced with special insulation on the inside and fire resistant material or very strong steel on the outside. All stock also comes with a warranty which comes as a package including a lifetime deal for after fire replacement.

One of the manufacturer's specialties is a safe which works with an extraordinary technology using a fingerprint lock. It has room for 1.2 cubic feet for storage and is also protected through a dual locking system. This means that it offers both a digital combination and key lock. A manual override is also possible.

Most of the safes come at a very affordable price whereas the very high quality anti theft safes can be found in a higher price range. It is important to remember though that any price will include the shipping cost to a business which has a special fitting to load the safe into the office. If there is no special access to a building or if it is a residential address, an additional fee will be charged.

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