Antique Safes and Restoration

Finding the prized, "Mosler Burglary" Safe

Antique safes

Are you a collector? Believe it or not but safes have a high status in the antique market. It is not as straightforward to find or know about antique safes as you would about cars or stamps for example. When talking about antique safes, the most common type found is a large sized burglary safe.

Generally speaking safes have a long history and if they have been built by a famous company they can be of high value. The most admirable and best known safes have been built by the Mosler Safe Company.

What they are used for

Antique Mosler Safes might still work as they have a have always been renowned for their dependability. However, due to more improved mechanisms, an old Mosler safe is unlikely to perform in the same way as a new safe of the same kind. Its reputation though is very good and you might just be interested in owning one purely for the uniqueness in its design and construction.

Practical Info and Restoration

If you are the owner of an old safe you may be interested in having it valued or upgraded with newer technology. It might also be advisable to improve the safe with digital and electronic upgrades. If you are interested in used safes or would like to sell or trade one you should visit Siah's Old-Safe Service specializes in refurbishing antique safes and the customer is reassured that even after restoration value of an antique safe will not drop. The uniqueness and originality of each safe is kept. To visit the Singaporean company click here (

Price Range

Antique Safes are collectibles and therefore fall into a different price category than any normal safe which would be built today containing the same features. The older and better and the more expensive they can get and prices can start at about $1,000 and go up quite significantly.


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