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The price of humidifier parts can sometimes influence which humidifier you buy because in some cases the cost of the part along with shipping can come to more than the humidifier itself. This prompts owners to give up on their humidifier and simple buy a new one because it’s far less hassle.

When shopping for a humidifier it might be worth having a quick look to see how much parts and shipping cost. If you’re only after a cheap room humidifier then this may not be such a big concern as it would be simple and cheap enough just to replace the whole thing. However, if you’re looking to spend $300 on a top of the range whole house Aprilaire humidifier, then you might want to give more serious thought to the price of replacement filters and parts.

Shopping for discounted humidifier parts is much the same as shopping for bargains on any product. Obviously OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts will be more expensive than generic parts but you have to remember that sacrificing quality for the sake of saving a few bucks could end up costing you in the long run. Don’t base your decisions purely on price because while some humidifiers may be more expensive than others, quality pays for itself in the long term in efficiency and durability.

Surfing the web for humidifier parts has two main advantages: cheaper prices and convenience.


Vendors selling both generic and OEM humidifier parts are able to offer lower prices because they have fewer overhead charges, not to mention cutting out the middleman, so you can find some very good deals online. Even manufacturers and retail stores offer lower prices if you buy from their website. However, you do need to be careful.

Make sure the site has a customer services number you can ring (and test it if they do), find out what their returns policy is and make sure you are on a secure connection when making any payments. One way to check is to look for the little padlock in the lower right-hand corner of your computer screen.

Aside from the usual security issues that come with buying online you also need to be sure you’re not being sold bad parts. The best way to avoid being scammed is to buy from reputable vendors or the manufacturer’s website.


The biggest advantage of the Internet is of course, convenience. You can surf various websites and compare prices without even leaving your seat. This is especially useful if the part you are looking for is hard to find.

The repair clinic is a useful site to check if you are in search of elusive humidifier parts because it has a unique search option that allows you to search for your part without needing the part number. The part detective uses the model number and a series of simple questions to accurately identify which part you need.


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