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Hunter humidifiers

Hunter humidifiers may not enjoy the same prominent reputation as Hunter ceiling fans but the well-renowned company brand has certainly drawn attention to their range of aptly named Carefree humidifiers. Hunter has been in the business of home comfort for over hundred years now starting with the creation of water pressure powered ceiling fans in 1886.

Hunter’s Care Free humidifiers are so named because they are designed for those looking for an appliance that is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. Most of their parts, including the Perma Wick filters, are dishwasher safe and easy to remove.

Hunter humidifier filters are one of the more unique features, along with the NiteGlo night light. As the name suggests, Hunter PermaWick filters are permanent meaning they can withstand years of use before needing to be replaced.

Hunter humidifiers fall under three main categories: Care Free Humidifiers, Care Free HumidifierPlus and Care Free HumidifierPlus with NiteGlo night light. All models are of very similar design and quality with the only significant feature to distinguish between them being the capacity. To find out more about the Care Free range see the Hunter website.

Despite their reputation, Hunter humidifiers have certainly had their fair share of negative consumer reviews. While they advertise their humidifier fans as “whisper-quiet” many people have complained that they are too loud. However, this could simply be a result of high expectations of a company well-known for their quietly efficient ceiling fans. Other reviewers have been more concerned with the durability of Hunter humidifiers as many have reported breakdowns within the first year of ownership.

Reviews are by no means objective and so differing opinions and consumers’ expectations should always be taken into account. If you are considering a Hunter humidifier it may be wise to ask if you can ‘try before you’ at the store to find out just how much noise they do make.



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