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Consumer reviews have generally been very positive, praising Holmes humidifiers on ease of use and durability. Most compliment the easy-to-assemble parts which make setting up and maintenance easier than many other brands.

The Holmes brand is part of a large family of products owned by the Holmes Group Inc. which first started producing home comfort appliances in 1982. With over 20 years experience, the Holmes Group are now renowned for their durable, efficient and easy-to-use humidifiers.

Like many other humidifiers, standard features on Holmes humidifiers include a digital humidistat (AccuSet) and auto-shutoff which keep regular manual operation to a minimum. One unique feature is the FilterCheck which was first introduced by Holmes in 2000. This technology monitors the condition of the filter in Holmes cool mist humidifiers and indicates when it needs to be changed.

Holmes warm mist humidifiers have proven to be very popular because they are some of the quietest models on the market making them ideal for use the bedroom. Holmes only use small fans and motors in their warm mist humidifiers which cuts down on the amount of noise the machine produces.

All Holmes cool mist humidifiers use wick filters which do need to be replaced every 2-4 months depending on the condition of the water used. These are ideal for warmer climates but they do use slightly larger fans and motors which can result in more noise compared to the warm mist humidifiers.

The Holmes website is user friendly and easy to navigate. On it you will find contact details, customer services, discount Holmes products along with humidifier parts and filters.

Contact by mail:
Holmes Consumer Service
32-B Spur Drive
El Paso , TX 79906

Holmes Website:



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