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Bemis humidifiers

Bemis Humidifiers have been highly praised by both consumers and review websites alike. All have said that while they may not be the most sophisticated systems on the market they operate effectively, efficiently and above all quietly. Bemis sold their Home Comfort Division to Essick Air Products which sells brands such as Tradewinds and Champion.

Essick Air Products have been dealing in air purifying, cooling and humidifying for over 65 years and have built a good, solid reputation for themselves. You can find their products, along with Bemis humidifiers, in most home retail stores and from HVAC contractors. Check the Essick Air Products website to find a list of retailers in your state.

Essick Air specializes in evaporative air coolers, humidifiers and air purifiers and the Bemis range of cool mist and whole house humidifiers have proven to be quite popular. The general consensus is that Bemis humidifiers are durable and reliable with a simple and easy to use design. Extra features are kept to a minimum and normally only include automatic shut-off and a humidistat.


Whole house Bemis humidifiers tend to get a little noisy if used on medium or high speed but their moisture output is more than sufficient. It may also be worth noting that most of the low end Bemis models are just as good as the higher priced models and equally capable of humidifying a room or house.


Bemis cool mist humidifiers have been said to be some of the quietest on the market; so long as you use them on low speed that is. They are ideal for those looking to have their humidifier running all day. While it may take a bit of extra time to humidify a room or home on low speed, once it has reached the recommended level it will maintain it automatically with a minimum amount of noise. For this reason Bemis 2-in-1 humidifiers and air purifiers are regarded as being the best on the market and ideal for baby rooms.



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