House Humidifiers: What to look for

Whole house and room humidifiers

House humidifiers - Whole house and room

House humidifiers provide a large number of benefits from making your home feel cooler to helping with respiratory conditions; the problem is finding the right humidifier. Anyone shopping for humidifiers will confirm that with such a wide range to choose from finding a humidifier to suit your home can be tough.

This page contains a few considerations and tips to help you in your decision.

Choosing a home humidifier

Whole house humidifiers: One of the first things you need to ask yourself when shopping for house humidifiers is whether or not you want a portable unit or a whole house system. If you live in a particularly arid climate then a whole house system is preferable because it you will want your entire house to be humidified with the minimum amount of time, effort and expense. Whole house humidifiers are connected directly to the water supply in your home so they don’t need to e constantly refilled. Whole house systems also tend to be quieter and less expensive to run than their portable counterparts.

Room humidifiers: Portable humidifiers are a good choice to for those who only need to humidify certain rooms in the house. Humidity can help ease congestion and so people who have respiratory conditions like asthma may use a room humidifier to ease congestion. Some portable humidifiers are capable of humidifying an entire house but these tend to be large and loud. Room humidifiers will need to be cleaned more often and manually refilled every day or two. This increases the importance of purchasing a higher end dehumidifier if you do choose to take this route.

Home humidifier features to look out for include the following:

• Easy to maintain. There are plenty of house humidifiers that don’t require much maintenance to keep them running cleanly and smoothly.

• Demineralization cartridges or filters. Mineral dust or ‘white dust’ occurs when the water used by house dehumidifiers has a high level of mineral content.

• A humidistat enables the user to control the level of humidity in the room.

• An automatic shut-off feature shuts the humidifier off if the water supply runs out or is cut-off.

• A bypass gate is useful for those who have whole house humidifiers connected to a central HVAC system as it allows users to block the humidifier off during summer.

• Capacity is very important to ensure the efficiency of your home humidifier, particularly in whole house humidifiers.


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