Wireless Alarm System

As opposed to Hardwired - Some Considerations

Wireless Alarm System

As with all things, there are pros and cons to installing a wireless alarm system as opposed to a hardwired system. Outlined below are the main things that you need to consider in order to make a sensible decision about what is best for you.

If like the majority of people, you find wiring a plug is a bit of a challenge, opting for a wireless home alarm system is going to be a cheaper and certainly an easier option. Unless you’re technically competent, hardwired systems require professional installation to feed the wires behind walls and conceal them in tight spaces. Like all ‘labor’ cost, this can prove expensive. If once installed, your system needs servicing or has a fault, again you will have to pay for a professional to check it over.

Wireless home alarm systems, as the name suggests, require no wiring and instead ‘connect’ to the control box using radio signals. The most advanced wireless alarm systems run frequent tests to check to operation of the various transmitters and to alert you when the batteries are running low. With wireless alarm systems you avoid cumbersome wiring and problems caused by accidentally hammering a nail through the wire when hanging a picture. Since they are not fixed in place, if you move house you can take the system with you. You are also not limited to where on your property it can be positioned. Wireless alarms are suitable for driveway security as well.

However, as wireless alarms operate using radio frequencies, other electrical goods such as televisions and radios may interfere with the signals sent by the system’s transmitters and create a false reading. It’s important therefore, to place the control box away from such items. Hardwired systems don’t have this pitfall.

When they were first manufactured, wireless alarm systems were more expensive than their hardwired cousins. However, with developments in materials and technology, it is now possible to buy cheap, effective wireless systems. In fact, wireless alarm systems now account for over 50% or alarm systems sold.



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