Alarm System Monitoring Centers

Why should I get security monitoring?

System Monitoring

Alarm system monitoring can be expensive to install and costly to monitor. If you’re lucky and never need to call on the monitoring center then you may think paying out for alarm system monitoring was a waste of money.

However, if you are not one of the lucky ones and your home has been broken into, or been subject to a fire, the monitoring center may have saved you a huge amount of money as well as protected your valuables and perhaps even saved the lives of you and your family.

Due to the large number of false alarms, systems that just use traditional ringing bells tend to be ignored by neighbors and passersby. Similarly, many police forces will not respond to a ringing bell alarm unless there is further evidence of a disturbance. With external alarm monitoring, your alarm will never go unreported.

Most monitoring systems come with an emergency button so if there is a serious emergency you can alert to police directly. If you are forced to silence the alarm and you only have ringing bells, no one will come to your aid. Alarm system monitoring allows you to send a secret signal even when the alarm is no longer ringing in your house.

It is possible to get fire monitoring as part of your system package. The detector identifies fires in their initial stage, often before they would be registered by a normal smoke alarm. If you are not at home when a fire breaks out, it could do serious damage before being spotted by a neighbor. If you had external monitoring, the fire service would be alerted as soon as the fire breaks out and valuable minutes could be saved.

Many monitored alarm systems have an ‘assistance’ button which you can press if you have a serious medical problem. In this instance, the control center would notify a friend, neighbor or relative that you had provided as a contact.

If you have a non-monitored alarm fitted in your property and there is a problem, you will often need to wait in all day for a technician to arrive and find the fault. The latest monitored systems use advanced electronic technology to send a ‘tool box’ down the monitoring line to address the problems. Over 60% of problems can be resolved this way.




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