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Personal Alarm

A personal alarm is a very simple piece of equipment, usually small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. However, do not be fooled by its small size.

A personal alarm is something that could prevent a vicious physical or sexual attack, or even save your life. Walking, running, cycling, many of us enjoy these solitary pursuits but they have their dangers. The danger is massively reduced if you carry some sort of panic alarm you can sound if in distress.

The best type of personal alarm is one that produces an electronic siren. This kind of personal alarm has one intention- to make as loud and as uncomfortable a noise as possible. The sound they emit is usually over 120 decibels, a pitch very uncomfortable to listen to for even a few seconds.

Electronic personal alarms have a number of features. Most will have a button to press to activate the alarm, perhaps when there is potential but not immediate threat. They all will contain a pull cord or pin on the side which, when removed, will sound the alarm which won’t stop until the cord is re-inserted. This is a great feature if you are attacked as you can pull it out and throw it into the undergrowth and the likelihood is that your assailant will run off when he realizes he cannot stop the alarm. If you’re out alone, especially at night or in an isolated place, it’s important to keep your alarm to hand. Its no good having it in your bag as, if you are attacked, its likely to be a surprise and your assailant won’t wait around while you rummage through your bag for your alarm. Personal alarms can also be used to ward off vicious dogs and curious cows as the sound emitted from the alarm is piercing. Most alarms also have a small flashlight, which you can use to find keys in your handbag or the lock on the front door.

Other types of alarm come in a canister/ aerosol form, and also a release a sound in the 120+ decibel range. These are initially effective but do not last very long and some require you to maintain pressure on a button or switch, something that, when being attacked, you are unlikely to do and something which your attacker could easily get off you and turn off.

These aerosol personal alarm systems do however come with some added extras:

When sounded they can also emit a fine mist that goes often unnoticed, that is until the secretion is passed under an ultra violet light, and hey presto, you got your man!

Other models as well as producing on hell of a racket also dispel a harsh odor to discourage and offset any attacker. Oil based this smell STICKS to skin and clothes!

One final trick is the canister which when sounded also lets loose foam that dyes everything in the near vicinity PERMANENTLY – for anything up to a week. We are talking bright greens, reds and yellows!




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