Alarm Monitoring and Home Alarm Security Services

How monitoring works

Alarm System Monitoring

Installing an alarm monitoring system means that your property is watched over by an external center. Seeing as the majority of burglaries occur when a property is empty, it gives great peace of mind to know that, no matter what time of day or night, whether you are at home or on vacation, your property is being protected.

The way alarm monitoring works is really very simple. When the alarm is triggered, it causes a digital dialer to call the external monitoring center, reporting the nature of the problem. One of the staff at the center will then call your house to check that the alarm is a real problem. They will ask you for a password to confirm your identity and if either you do not answer the phone or the wrong password is given, then the emergency services will be called.

This means that if you accidentally set off the alarm, you have the chance to disarm it. You have four rings in which to answer the phone and cancel the alert. The monitoring center also keeps a record of any neighbors’, friends’ and relatives’ numbers that you have supplied, who can also be contacted in an emergency. If you do not answer the phone after an alarm has been triggered, as well as informing the emergency services, they will try to contact you on one of the other numbers.

Monitoring for Personal Security

Some monitored home alarm systems include a personal attack button, which if pressed, will initiate an immediate call to the police. Similarly, if the alarm is triggered by the smoke detector, the fire service will be immediately dispatched. In the case of a power failure, your security system will fall back onto its battery reserves and so still operate. If the phone line is cut, the alarm will be signaled immediately at the external monitoring center.

When choosing a monitoring center, its important that you check the company is UL listed. This means they are registered with the Underwriter’s Laboratories and they comply with national safety and security standards. Most alarm monitoring companies will carry out annual checks on your security system and make any necessary adjustments.




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