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When they were first available in the early 1900’s, house alarms were expensive to install and difficult to monitor. As a result they were not something bought by Mr. Average but instead reserved for those with lots of cash and lots to protect. As technology has improved however, house alarms have found their place in the common market and are now a feature of many homes.

Original house alarms worked by signaling a ‘local’ alarm when the system was triggered. This worked well so long as people hearing the alarm responded to it. As home alarm systems became more common, the number of false alarms increased to such as degree that many ‘local’ alarms began to go unnoticed and unreported. Intruders also learnt how to disarm the system so could quickly and easily stop the alarm.

If you were relying on this for the safety of your property you could be in trouble. Nowadays, many people use external alarm monitoring centers to protect their property. Here, not only does a ‘local’ alarm sound but the alarm is also picked up by staff at the monitoring center who will then respond accordingly.

When first invented, house alarms were triggered by the release of a pressure button fitted into a door or window frame. This basic alarm was fundamentally flawed as all the intruder needed to do to silence the alarm was to close the door or window. Nowadays there are various systems on the market ranging from inexpensive DIY alarms to highly sophisticated systems requiring professional installation. All modern alarms are based on the same foundation, the electric circuit which is completed either when the door is opened or closed depending on the system you choose. The alarm is triggered when the circuit is altered and will not be silenced until a code is punched into the control panel. The most expensive and complicated alarm systems might also involve a combination of motion sensors and pressure pads to ensure even the most cunning intruder doesn’t get his hands on your treasures.

Unsurprisingly, house alarms have changed a lot over the last century and no doubt will continue to improve as technological knowledge expands. The market is filled with a wide range of systems and companies offering a variety of deals. So whatever you want to protect, and however much you have to spend there will be an alarm out there to suit your needs.




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