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Dispelling the myths

‘If I install a home alarm system, I will not be burgled’

Home Alarm System

Unfortunately this is false. A home alarm system will alert people to the presence of an intruder if he does break in and allow you to take action, however it will not physically stop him. Having said that, its important to note that the mere presence of an alarm is often enough to deter a would-be intruder.

‘I’ve got too many keys to keep track of as it is. I can’t be bothered with another one for my alarm system’

Most modern home alarm systems don’t require the use of keys. Instead, the homeowner has a personal code that is punched into the control box in order to arm and disarm the system. There will be a preset amount of time allowed between entering the property and typing in the code before the alarm is triggered. If the alarm is triggered accidentally, entering the correct code will silence it.

‘I’ve got a nice looking house and don’t want a massive bell installed on the front of it’.

Most modern home alarm systems have stopped the use of bells and instead use sirens, for a number of reasons. Sirens are emitted from small speakers so they can be easily concealed, normally in a gable end or on a rooftop. The noise the sirens make travels further and is more piercing than a bell so demands attention and will not be ignored.

‘Home alarm systems are too expensive’

Yes, it does cost a bit to buy and install an alarm system, but can you really put a price on the safety of yourself, your possessions and your family? Alarm monitoring is becoming more popular and though it may be seen as expensive, 24 hour surveillance and emergency services always on call for the price of a weekend vacation is not so bad. If you ever need to call upon it, there is no doubt you would think it was worth the money.

‘If I installed a home alarm system, I know my children and pets would be constantly setting it off’?

If you have motion and pressure sensors as part of your system, it’s possible to adjust them so they are not triggered by small children and animals. Your alarm won’t be triggered every time Rex walks through the lounge.




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