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Driveway Alarm System

If you are fed up with unexpected guests catching you in your bathrobe, then a driveway alarm system might be the answer to your problems. Not everyone who comes to your house is an intruder. Nevertheless that does not mean they are welcome. Whether its your bank manager come to have a little chat, or your in-laws come on the off chance that you’ve go the kettle on, a driveway alarm system can give you the time you need to make yourself scarce. With a system like this installed, its up to you whether you open the door or not. You know exactly what’s waiting for you on the other side and if you feel like a bit of privacy, you can ensure you get it.

However important checking your privacy might be, it is true that the prime reason for installing a driveway alarm system is to further protect the security of your property. Most people are aware of the role home burglar alarms have on protecting your property and most people spend a reasonable amount of money ensuring their home is secure. However, relatively few people install driveway alarm systems. Unlike house alarms, the intruder won’t be inside your house before you realize he’s there; when the alarm is tripped from the driveway, you have valuable added seconds in which to alert the authorities. If you want your entire property protected, it only seems logical that your alarm system encompasses your entire property and not just the house.

A driveway alarm system serves more than just to warn of intruders. Your driveway alarm can be set to monitor your mailbox to check for tampering and even include dangerous areas such as a swimming pool or a tool shed. Here, the alarm will sound if your child gets too close to the dangerous area. If you are a particularly proud gardener, your driveway alarm can even be altered to alert you if a child, visitor or pet is trampling your favorite flowerbeds. Whatever you want it for, if you are looking to fully protect your property, a driveway alarm system is a good investment.




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