Car Security Alarms and their Installation

The Housewive's quick guide to modern car alarms

car Alarm System

Though it’s possible to buy secure car alarms that you can install yourself, unless you’re a mechanic by trade, it is probably a good idea to get it installed by a professional. Most car security alarm systems involve the ignition and the starter motor, things you don’t want to be fiddling with if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In its most basic form, the car alarm is like any other alarm. Made up of a switch, circuit and alarm, the circuit is completed when the door is closed and broken, therefore triggering the alarm, when the door is opened. Modern day security alarms are more complicated of course, and include pressure pads, motion detectors, de-activating key fobs, personally distinct alarms and most importantly the alarm center, which actually sounds the alarm.

Door sensors activate when a door, window or the trunk is opened. They are easy to install as the car is already fitted with a circuit that causes the light to come on when one of these is opened. It’s easy to add a new element to this circuit which causes an alarm to sound as well. Though the most simple, this type of car alarm is highly effective and will protect your car from all but the most determined thieves.

If a thief is in a real hurry they are not going to hang around and will simply bust a window. Window sensors can be installed which ‘listen’ for the sound glass makes when put under severe pressure and trigger the alarm if it breaks.

Most modern car alarms use shock sensors to detect any jolts, shoves or movement of the car. The alarm is triggered according to the intensity of this movement. If your car is lifted in an attempt to remove its wheels, the sensor will detect the movement and trigger the alarm. Shock sensors do cause a lot or false alarms however so are usually used in conjunction with other types of alarm.

The first recorded incident of a car being stolen dates back to 1896. Valuable, easy to pass on and quick to escape in, it was inevitable that the car would be a target of theft. In present day America, studies have shown that a car is stolen every 20 seconds. And only one in three finds its way back to its true owner. That is a lot of cars. Installing a car alarm of one sort or another is a sensible move.



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