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Burglar Alarm System

The most basic form of protection for your home, burglar alarms are an essential part of your security system. If you are not one of the 30million people in the US who have installed a home burglar alarm, you leave yourself at greater risk of being burgled. In fact, you are roughly 3 times more likely to have your home broken into. Installing a home burglar alarm will not only give you greater peace of mind but also deter any potential intruders.

People living alone in isolated areas will particularly benefit from the peace of mind a home burglar alarm provides. Burglar alarms vary in price from a very basic, cheap model to a highly sophisticated electronic system. Even if you choose to install the most expensive system, there is a high chance it will pay for itself fairly quickly in what it saves you in vandalism and theft.

At the financial bottom of the pile is a DIY ‘bells only’ alarm. Considering home burglar alarms act far more as a deterrent than anything else, the presence of a burglar alarm of any sort may be enough to send the thief packing. Have a look around your neighborhood. Thieves will always opt for the easy option. If the houses around you have alarms and you do not, you’re asking for trouble. Even a ‘bells only’ alarm will be enough to make the intruder think twice. The downside of a ‘bells only’ alarm is that it has just that, bells only. This type of home burglar alarm relies on neighbors or passers-by informing the police that the alarm is going off. These are also prone to false alarms and as such, when people hear an alarm they may think it is ‘crying wolf’ and not a real emergency.

A far better, but more expensive, option is a monitored alarm. This means your home burglar alarm is connected to an external monitoring center which will be alerted and will contact the authorities if your alarm is sounded. This gives peace of mind that your property is being watched over 24/7, whether you are at home, work or even on vacation. The recently developed and most high-tech form of monitored alarm uses a combination of cameras and sensors as well as the alarm to detect if someone is on your property.



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