Burglar Alarm Systems

How do burglar alarm systems work?

Burglar Alarm System

When you install a burglar alarm system, you’ll find there’s a plethora of different components available, each monitoring different things. Its important to know what’s available and how each section of your burglar alarm system works, that way you can choose the right system for your home.

Whether you choose the simplest system or a whole house network, burglar alarm systems are built around the same basic concept; the electric circuit. Whether you want to power a flashlight or a television, the principle is the same; electricity will only flow when the path between a positively and a negatively charged point is established.

With burglar alarm systems, you can opt for either a closed or an open circuit system. The former creates a circuit when the entry way is closed and the alarm is triggered when entryway, and therefore the circuit, is broken. The latter works in the opposite way. The circuit is completed when the entry way is open, and completing the circuit is what triggers the alarm. This is the less reliable form of alarm as the intruder can de-activate it by simply cutting the wires.

"Circuit Boxes and Monitoring"

Original alarms featured simple things such as a magnetic strip that closed or opened the circuit (depending on the design) over a door or window frame. The alarm would sound when the entry way was opened as the magnetic strip would snap back and break the circuit. Another simple system involves a small button inserted into the doorframe. When the door is opened, the circuit is broken and the alarm will sound. Again, both these systems have a basic fault. The burglar need only close the door or window and re-establish the circuit in order to silence the alarm. For this reason, modern alarms incorporate a circuit box. The circuit box monitors the alarm system and will sound the alarm if the circuit is broken. It has its own power supply so cannot be disarmed until the correct code is typed in. Circuit boxes are usually placed somewhere out of sight to they cannot be destroyed in a hurry.

Using this basic principle, it’s pretty easy to set up a burglar alarm anywhere you like. Put yourself in the position of the burglar, think where you might get into your property, and then create a little circuit going through that point.




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