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Living With an ADT System - A Case Study

ADT Alarm System

When Michael Rees bought his first house, he was understandably concerned about the safety of his new investment. Installing an ADT alarm system was something he began viewing as the key to his peace of mind. With house crimes on the rise, he wanted to guarantee he and his new house would be safe from intruders. Michael already had a barky dog, but when presented with the overview of ADT alarm systems, even Rover paled into insignificance.

After initially registering his interest, Michael was referred to an ADT salesman who came to view Michael’s new house and discuss what kind of security he required. Between them they discussed what would be a realistic, suitable and affordable plan, and within a week an ADT technician arrived to install the new system. Michael was fully briefed on how to set and disarm the alarm and was left with an instruction booklet and a video.

ADT alarm systems want you to understand fully the workings of the alarm as this will help reduce the number of false alarms you have and the amount of further assistance, other than alarm monitoring, they will need to give you. Michael was additionally pleased with his investment as, although it cost a fair amount to install, he was given a 10% reduction on his home insurance.

Michael was told that if he had over three false alarms in one year, ADT would reassess and possibly withdraw their monitoring service. Within the first three years, Michael only had one false alarm. He was called at work by the monitoring center to say that the alarm had been triggered and the police had been called. When he arrived at the house, the police were already there but the house had not been broken into. They deduced that a gust of wind had blown the drapes into the path of the motion detector, which had then triggered the alarm. Though an inconvenience to be called from work unnecessarily; Michael was impressed by the rapid response of the ADT center and the police. He then had the sensitivity of the motion sensors reduced.

Michael began a new job that involved working nights and, using the ADT system, was able to time his lights and TV to turn on and off at certain times. This gave the impression that he was at home and gave him greater peace of mind. Overall, Michael was very impressed by the efficiency and professionalism shown by one of America’s leading security companies.

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