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We’d all like to believe we live in a safe society, unfortunately a lot of the time it’s just not true. We can’t leave our doors and windows open all the time, or our cars unlocked without a high possibility that things will be missing when we get back.

Even with door and window locks, a crafty thief will get inside and help himself if there is nothing there to stop him. Without wishing to sound paranoid, home alarm systems are a pretty essential part of any family home.

In the following pages you will find lots of information about security systems. If you’re wondering what the difference is between wired and wireless alarm systems, can’t decide if you should get alarm monitoring or simply want to find out how burglar alarm systems work, look no further. We also dispel common myths about home alarm systems (no, its not true that Kitty will trigger the motion detector every time she pads through your lounge). Whether you want to go for the top end of the range and secure your home with external alarm monitoring or want to save some cash and try your hand at installing your own wireless home alarm, there is something here to help.

Don’t forget your property doesn’t necessarily end when you leave your front door. Cars are easy pickings if they’re not fitted with a car alarm Do you want shock sensors and ignition blockers? Perhaps if you own a brand new Chrysler, but if you have something a little less flash you may find simple door sensors are all you need.

So you’ve got your house and driveway firmly secured, alarmed and monitored. You may feel pretty pleased with yourself but don’t forget there is more to your home safety than securing against intruders. Read our tips on home safety page for information about protecting your home and family from accident and injury. Our page on home smoke alarms is also essential reading; no home should be without one.

If you have an elderly relative, or are heading that way yourself, take a look at our page on medical alarms. You’ll find information there about what medical alarms can do for you and your peace of mind. Personal alarms draw attention to you if you’re in trouble when out and about. Here you can learn what types of personal alarm are available and how they work.




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