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Hunter Ionizer

Recent scientific findings and consequent reports in the media have worked wonders for the Hunter air filter product range. They have impressed on the general public the dangers of various airborne pollutants found within our homes, including large quantities of airborne particles of dust, mold and pollen.

The public’s increasing awareness of the virtues of installing air filtration systems in our homes and offices has sparked a massive increase in demand and a corresponding growth in supply Hunter is one of the best-known companies who have risen to the challenge of plugging the gap in this growing market. The Hunter air filter is an economically priced replaceable filter and one of the most competitively priced air filters that you’ll find anywhere.

Hunter air filters remove the majority of harmful particles from the air; creating a fresher, more breathable atmosphere. In recent years technology has moved on apace and the engineers at Hunter have been forced to respond to developments in construction techniques which produce tightly ‘sealed’ buildings where air stagnates quickly. Because most of us spend most of our lives indoors (and the outdoors is becoming increasingly more polluted) it’s easy to why the air filter market is currently booming.

Hunter air filters use HEPA technology to provide the most efficient filter possible. The filters consist of tightly woven fibers capable of capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. Hence Hunter air filters can remove up to 99.97% all airborne particles, including; dead skin, pollen, mildew, smoke and even some bacteria. Most other manufacturers can’t claim the same level of purification, which helps to explain Hunter’s dominant market position.

Inspired by the air purification standards set for public places such as bars and restaurants, this growing trend is sweeping America, as more and more people demand the right to breathe clean, safe air. This psychology has filtered through to many different environments to such an extent that Americans are now buying clean air filters for all their indoor worlds.

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