Honeywell Air Filters (HEPA)

The Company's products including allergy free filters

Honeywell Air Filters

Voted the number one air filter by physicians in 1998; Honeywell remain one of the best selling air filter systems in America. They continue to meet and exceed standards set by the American Lung Association and have maintained a reputation for delivering clean, safe air.

The popularity of air filters has increased substantially in the last 30 years and the technical minds at Honeywell have been working hard to stay one step ahead of the game. As building techniques have improved our work and living spaces have become increasingly enclosed, creating an atmosphere where air stagnates easily. At the same time the public is becoming more aware of the dangers of airborne pollutants and it’s impossible to ignore the media reports that a growing number of people are suffering from allergies and asthma.

The simple way to improve indoor air quality is to install an air filter and it’s something that the US government is very keen to encourage. A number of European countries have followed America’s lead and now smoking is banned in most workplaces and increasingly in bars and restaurants.

Honeywell are highly regarded for producing quality products with an emphasis on reliability. They are one of the most established names in the business and are known for manufacturing innovative and sensibly priced products. Specific technologies vary form filter to filter although most use ‘HEPA sub micron filtration’ which removes 99.96% of all airborne particles (down to a size of 0.3 microns). Carbon is also frequently used in the filter mesh to help soak up unwelcome gases and odors.

Honeywell air filters are available to combat (or eliminate) specific allergens or pollutants depending on the requirements of the customer. These commonly include filters to clean the air of; cigarette smoke, pollen and bacteria.

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