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furnace air filters

Furnace air filters have the duel purpose of both filtering and cooling air. Air is initially filtered on entering the furnace to remove tiny particles of dust, mold, pollen, and even bacteria. Once the warm air has been filtered, it’s then passed through a coil supplied with a cooling agent. The air that then comes out of the furnace is clean, cool and safe.

It is important to clean your furnace air filter regularly as failure to do so can cause the entire unit to fail. If the filter isn’t regularly cleaned the chances are that the cooling coil will soon become clogged up, air flow is further impeded and ice soon begins to form. Most furnace air filters are washable.

Locating and cleaning a furnace air filter is a pretty straightforward job. The filter is normally located in the bottom cabinet on your furnace and all you need to do is slide the furnace air filter out, wipe it clean and then put in back in, making sure that the airflow arrow points towards the furnace.

A furnace air filter working under normal conditions should only need to be cleaned every 2-3 months. If your filter is under specific strain due to the environment of your home, the filter will need cleaning more often.

Furnace air filters provide all the answers to anyone who has a furnace in their home or place of work and wants to breathe clean air; free from pollutants, contaminants and potential allergens. They’re a flexible solution and can be purchased in 12 standard sizes or custom made to suit your individual needs. However, the choice of filters doesn’t stop there and customers can choose between disposable filters or more environmentally friendly reusable filters.

If you consider the benefits of installing a furnace filter (clean air and an efficient furnace) then the pros quickly outweigh the cons; which are simply changing the filter five times a year.

There are filters available for most well known brands of furnace including Air Bear, Trion and Honeywell.



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