Electrostatic Air Filters Review

Let clean air becomes a part of your home

Electrostatic air filters

Electrostatic air filters are constructed from a mixture of plastic and paper which generates its own electric charge. When air passes over the filter a safe static charge is created which attracts and then traps airborne particles.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, it is possible to buy an electrostatic air filter with added anti-bacterial protection which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold for up to ten years. The value of electrostatic air filters is so highly acknowledged that many health insurance companies will reimburse the cost of the filter.

Electrostatic Air Filters are efficient and reusable.

Many people have air conditioning units that utilize disposable fiberglass filter which are relatively inefficient at collecting airborne particles and only really serve to protect the unit itself. However, in recent years growing media awareness of the importance of breathing clean and advances in filter technology have spurred demand for more efficient solutions.

Today reusable electrostatic air filters can be bought that slot inside your existing filter unit and so do not present the same financial commitment as installing a whole new electronic air filter system. They require no wiring, and make no noise. All you need to do to keep them functioning at their best is to rinse the filter once a month.

Besides improving the air quality in your home; an electrostatic air filter will also increase the longevity of your air conditioning unit by constantly keeping it clean. Less dust also means less dusting, which is something that would be welcome in most households. It’s also generally accepted that sleep patterns and feelings of all round well-being are improved by breathing filtered air.

Electrostatic air filters with carbon monoxide detectors attached are currently commercially available. However, technology hasn’t yet advanced to the stage where air filters can remove carbon monoxide particles (although it’s only a matter of time before something’s developed).




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