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Electronic air filters

Electronic air filters are arguably the most popular all-round air filters on the market. Indeed at 95% filtration, electronic air filters are hard to beat. If you consider that all they need to operate is a regular household current (and use less energy than it takes to run a light bulb) it’s easy to see why they’ve proved so popular with the general public.

Electronic air filters operate by following the pretty straightforward rule of physics that positively and negatively charged particles attract. The voltage inside the unit is concentrated at the filter. As air is drawn inside the system, large airborne particles are trapped at the first filter stage. Smaller particles continue to pass through the electronic air filter and ‘short, causing the particles to become positively charged.

These particles are then attracted to the negatively charged collecting plate like magnets. They are held there by the electrical charge until they are cleaned off with soap and water. This means that the air in your room is considerably cleaner and consequently your room stays cleaner for longer.

In fact, the competition between electronic and regular air filters is hardly a fair one and the former always wins hands down. With an electronic air filter the fibers are less tightly woven so air can pass through more efficiently whilst still capturing the airborne particles. However, there is a downside; because home electronic air filters work by collecting particles on the surface of the filter – debris builds up and they become less efficient with time. With this in mind, manufacturers recommend that you clean your electronic air filter at least once a month to avoid excessive build up within the system. Another consideration is their cost (they’re expensive) and the fact that you’re likely to need professional assistance with installation.





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