Air Conditioning Filters for the Home

How do the units work?

Air conditioning filters

It’s only when the mercury rises and we head indoors to seek out the comfort of a cool room that we begin to appreciate the value of air conditioning filters.

In many hot and humid climates air conditioning units are now the norm. At home and at work, it’s easy to forget that the filter is quietly working away 24/7; cooling the air and making it cleaner and safer to breathe.

"Electrostatic and Mechanical Filter Mechanisms"

Air conditioning filters are technically known as ‘double filters’ as they consist of two distinct mechanisms. The first filter holds an electrostatic charge which grabs the airborne particles as they pass over it. A 24-volt charge is passed through the filter which effectively ‘magnetizes’ it; attracting and holding airborne pollutants. Once the larger particles have been trapped on the outside of the filter the ‘collecting pads’ do the rest of the work; trapping particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter. A grounded screen holds the whole thing together to provide electrical insulation.

Today home air conditioning is big business and there are so many different models available that it can be difficult knowing which way to turn. The most logical starting place is to calculate the volume of airspace that you need cooling and cleaning. Arguably the simplest (and most versatile) solution is to opt for a portable air conditioning unit. However, portable units are a surprisingly expensive choice; both in terms of the machine itself and the amount of electricity that they use.

The most economical (and consequently the most popular) solution is to install window-fitted units. They come in a variety of sizes that fit standard frames and are almost foolproof to operate: when the weather’s getting sticky you simply; open the window, slot in the unit, plug it in and switch it on. Central air conditioning units are far more complex and should only be considered if you need to cool a large number of rooms.





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