Air Conditioner Units For Single Rooms

Portable, Window and Wall AC Units

Air Conditioner units

Air conditioner units are cooling units that are designed to cool only one room or a single space via a window or wall.

These units come in various sizes developed for cooling a wide variety of different sized rooms, so choosing the right one is essential for it to function efficiently and effectively. The cooling capacity in unit air conditioners can range from 5,000 to 30,000 BTUs/hr.

Window Models

The window and casement air conditioners are fundamentally the same thing, the only difference being the sort of window they can be installed into. A window air conditioner will fit into most standard windows that slide up and down.

The casement unit is designed to fit into narrower windows that open outwards or windows that slide open, to the left or right. They do tend to be fairly cheap which makes these an ideal choice if you don’t want to spend too much on installing a permanent air conditioner unit or when you’ll only be needing it for a short period during the hottest summer months. This is mainly because they are easy to install and shouldn’t require the help of a contractor. The only exception with this air conditioner unit is that in some situations you may need to remove a window panel to install it. This may mean spending a little more, but certainly not as much as the installation of a wall unit.

Mobile / Portable

Portable air conditioners are the cheapest of the unit air conditioners as they don’t require any installation, all you need is a window for the vent. These are free standing air conditioners, usually on wheels or coasters, making them easy to move from room to room. They would certainly be the best option for those on a tight budget. They serve well as an extra support for an existing central system during the most extreme summer months. They can be moved around according to where you may require the extra cooling. These could also save you from high utility bills as you can use it only where it is needed instead of cooling the whole house, for example, at night when you may only need the cooling in the bedroom. They are also ideal for those living in less extreme climates where cooling is only required for a short duration in the warmer summer months.


A wall unit is built into the wall and requires a sleeve with which to secure it (usually sold separately by the manufacturer). Wall units perform the same functions as the window units but come in bigger sizes and tend to be a more permanent fixture. They will need their own power line whilst in use and can be fairly expensive, mainly due to the high installation costs. This is because a contractor will need to be brought in to correctly install the unit through the wall, ensuring all safety precautions are taken. For this reason wall air conditioners are best suited to those who require a fair amount of cooling but may not be able to afford a central air conditioner.

For homes and larger commercial buildings situated in an area with a dry and arid climate, a good alternative is the evaporative cooling system. These can come in many sizes from portable units to bigger systems that utilize large cooling towers positioned outside the building. These cooling systems use water pumped through a system of pipes leading to any number of room cooling units to cool the air. The air is passed through water soaked filters which serves to cool it whilst at the same time adding moisture.



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