Air Conditioner Service

Maintenance and service tips to keep your unit in working order

Air Conditioner service

When an air conditioner service is required there are a few precautions that should be followed before hiring a contractor:

* Check the fuse or circuit breaker.

* Make sure the voltage is not to high or low.

* Make sure the filter is clean and not clogged with dust.

* Ensure the condenser units outside are not blocked, they need a space of approximately 3 feet.

* Look for any other source of heat in the room that might be producing extra warmth (check windows or doors are not open).

Make sure all the unit components are clean. Click here to read more maintenance tips.

Finding a good air conditioner service does not necessarily mean looking for the most expensive. There are many top quality contractors who don’t charge over-the-top rates; the trick is to filter them out from the rest. Here are a few tips:

*Ask for a license and/or license number.

*Make sure the contractor complies with all state regulations and has valid business and workers compensation insurance.

*Get references and find out if previous customers were satisfied; ensure they have the necessary skills for the job; ensure they have sufficient knowledge on the latest technologies, regulations, equipment and systems.

Air Conditioning Contractors of America

A good place to look for a reliable air conditioner service is on the ACCA website (Air Conditioning Contractors of America). Contractors registered with ACCA should comply with all of the above and provide a good quality service for a fair price.

Air conditioners should be serviced as regularly as once every year as part of the maintenance routine to keep the system in top condition. Air conditioners are, for the most part, built to endure all kinds of wear and tear but they do still need to be looked after. For every year that goes by without proper maintenance your cooling system will lose approximately 5% of its efficiency. An air conditioner service should include the following:

*Cleaning components such as the condensing and evaporator coils.

*Testing the compressor amp draw and belts.

*Checking operating pressures and temperatures against the manufacturer’s recommendations.

*Checking and oiling the fan motors.

*Inspecting coolant levels (as recommended by the ACCA).



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