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Rheem Air Conditioners

Rheem air conditioners have been described in reviews as being extremely energy efficient and low cost air conditioners. Rheem air conditioners are easy to install and make the lives of both repairmen and homeowners much easier.

One model in particular that has been praised for these qualities is the Rheem Classic® Dedicated Horizontal Package Unit.

Rheem Classic Units

Rheem is a privately owned company that was founded in 1927 by the Rheem brothers, Richard and Donald, in San Francisco. The company started out as a packaging supplier for the petroleum trade but in the 1930’s changed direction and began manufacturing water heaters. This led to good sales and a natural progression towards the production of warm air furnaces. By 1959 the company had grown considerably and went on to purchase the Ruud Manufacturing Company, an already well established and respected company with good connections all over the USA.

Ruud Manufacturing was founded in the early 1900’s by a Norwegian engineer by the name of Edwin Ruud who developed the first working automatic water heater. In the 1950’s Ruud expanded to include air conditioners which became another successful line of products. Utilizing the experience and technology that Ruud brought with it to the company, Rheem soon expanded its product line to include other air treatment products, with Rheem air conditioners being one of the most successful of these ventures.

By the 1960’s, when this particular market experienced significant growth, Rheem air conditioners became one of the most trusted brands in the US. Today Rheem has manufacturing plants all over the USA and some in other parts of the world including Canada.

Contact details:

Air Conditioner Products

Fort Smith

5600 Old Greenwood Road

Fort Smith , Arkansas


Phone: (479) 646-4311

Website: www.rheemac.com

Corporate Headquarters

405 Lexington Avenue

New York , New York

Phone: 10174-0307

Rheem Air Conditioner Division

P.O. Box 17010

Fort Smith , AR


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