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Friedrich air conditioners have received good reviews on a number of points over the years with the most highly praised feature being their energy efficiency. Many of their units have a very good cooling capacity but use less amps meaning less energy is used and would therefore cost less to run.

Some models in the Friedrich air conditioners range have many impressive features that make them easy to use, easy to control and more energy efficient when needed. An example of this is the QuietMasters line. These window units come with digital displays, remote controls, eight-way vents and a 24 hour timer all designed for your convenience.

They also come with four-speed fans and a feature that can be set to switch the fan off when the compressor is not running. Friedrich air conditioners are a little on the expensive side but customers generally do save money in the long run with fewer repairs and replacements plus lower electric bills.

Friedrich was at the forefront of innovation in the refrigeration business developing new and improved products for preserving display food for longer when. Once it became clear that the intrinsic cooling qualities of salt were no longer enough, the company turned its attentions to finding new methods of refrigeration. An engineer working for the company developed the “floating air” principle which is a way of controlling the motion of cool, refrigerated air over products such as food. This concept is still used today.

By the 1950’s Friedrich had become a world leader in the manufacture of commercial refrigerators and soon expanded into air conditioners. Friedrich air conditioners incorporated the “floating air” concept developed earlier and soon saw company profits rising considerably enough to expand the business further.

Friedrich air conditioners are known for their durability, quality and efficiency and these principles have survived the years and still prevail to this day.

Contact details:

4200 N. Pan Am Expressway

P.O. Box 1540

San Antonio , Texas 78295-1540

Phone: (210) 357-4400





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