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Fedders air conditioners are just a small division of an extremely large and well established corporation. Fedders specializes in a variety of other air treatment products such as dehumidifiers, humidifiers, air cleaners and heating products which are traded under a number of trademarks including Fedders Eubank Company Inc., Envirco, Herrmidifier, Melcor and Trion.

Fedders air conditioners are licensed to be sold under the Maytag and Fedders name brands while other products such as heating equipment are sold under Climatrol, Airtemp, Hunter and Emerson.

The general consensus on Fedders air conditioners appears to be that they are effective enough for cooling small to medium sized rooms but have trouble coping with larger rooms, particularly on hot and humid days. They do tend to be inexpensive and energy efficient but there have been complaints about the amount of noise they make so this may be something to watch out for. If you’re working with a low budget and only need to air condition a small-sized room, then Fedders could be a good choice.

Fedders as we know it today was founded in the 1940’s by Salvatore Giordano when he became President of the preceding company, F.J. Quigan Co. It was in 1945 that Giordano bought a small metal fabricating company called Fedders, founded in 1896, that had began expanding into refrigeration. He was named director of Fedders Corporation in the same year and then went on to become chairman in 1952. Giordano utilized the new company’s technology, skills and background and began manufacturing air conditioners. Two years later, in 1948, the Fedders air conditioner brand was born.

Contact details:


Fedders Corporation

Westgate Corporate Center

505 Martinsville Road

P.O. Box 813

Liberty Corner, NJ 07938

Phone: 908-604-8686

Fax: 908-604-0715

E-mail: customerservice@fedders.com

Website: www.fedders.com






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