Computer Room Air Conditioners

Concern with overheating - Portable Units Save The Day

Computer room Air Conditioner

Computer room air conditioners are necessary in commercial and business environments where many personal computer units are located close to each other.

The concern lies with the fact that heat is one of the major threats to a well-working and efficient computer system - hence the need for computer room air conditioning.

Quite simply excess heat results in slower and often interrupted CPU performance. It should be noted that an increase of 10 degrees halves the CPU's lifespan.

So where does the heat come from you may ask? Well a computer contains a number of electrical parts - such as transistors, resistors and capacitors – all of which create a build up of heat (particularly the resistors.) Letting that heat sit there could result in "oxide breakdown" otherwise known as "electromigration". Many may think that the obvious solution is to fit individual computers with their own cooling systems - they already have! (All you have to do is listen for the fan that starts humming as soon as you turn one on.)

The problem becomes even more severe when you have several units in close proximity with restricted air flow.

The introduction of central air conditioner units can greatly alleviate this problem and improve the running performance of the machines. And in instances where a central system cannot handle the temperatures, portable units might have to be introduced and be strategically placed.

It is also important that you remember that the majority of users rely on their workstations and work environment being relatively quiet. So if you are looking at investing in a computer room air conditioner, be sure you choose one that runs with minimal noise!












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